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Sensors & Actuators

Axial accelerometer and gyroscope
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Processor: Octavo Systems OSD3358 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8

Open source wireless black computer board

This open source computer board is ideal for all level users. BeagleBone Black Wireless comes with Debian Linux OS preinstalled and can be used as a stand along computer or an embedded system.
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Mini Robot kit manufacturer kit, 10 sets

You’ll have enormous fun when you pick up this robotic arm
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Luxury Mearm Robot kit with controller

Got a screwdriver Then you can build a desktop robot arm thanks to MeArm Deluxe Kit from Mime Industries. We love the MeArm, designed to be fun, it’s a project that’ll bring you into the world of programming, electronics and robotics with a big smile on your face. Once it’s built, you can control the MeArm using the supplied joystick or with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

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ARM Cortex-M0+ CPU(SAMD21G18) running at up to 48MHz



Sensors & Actuators

This version of the Button features a handy panel mount. It’s just like the original only the connector is on the back to make it truly easy to use as a wire-free interface device.


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