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The Portenta H7 allows you to program with high-level languages and AI while performing low latency operations, it also has the Arduino MKR form factor but is enhanced with the Portenta family 80 pin high-density connector.
The onboard wireless module allows you to simultaneously manage WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The WiFi interface can be operated as an Access Point, as a Station or as a dual mode simultaneous AP/STA and can handle up to 65 Mbps transfer rate. Bluetooth interface supports Bluetooth Classic and BLE.
The Portenta family adds two 80 pin high density connectors at the bottom of the board. This ensures scalability for a wide range of applications by simply upgrading your Portenta board to the one suiting your needs.



Main Features

  • DUAL CORE – The PH7 has two processors in one, run parallel tasks in different languages
  • SELECT ENCRYPTION – Choose between two vendors for the crypto-chip that better suits your case
  • USB-C – Power your board, connect it to a display, or get it to work in OTG mode
  • MEMORY RANGE – Select the right amount and type of memory for your application



  • STM32H747 dual-core processor with graphics engine
  • 16MB NOR Flash
  • 10/100 Ethernet Phy
  • USB HS
  • NXP SE050C2 Crypto
  • WiFi/BT Module
  • Ceramic Antenna
  • DisplayPort over USB-C



  • High-end industrial machinery
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Computer vision
  • PLCs
  • Industry-ready user interfaces
  • Robotics controller
  • Mission-critical devices
  • Dedicated stationary computer
  • High-speed booting computation (ms)


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Arduino Portenta H7


604 in stock